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Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-Balance Work and Family

Happy Wednesday! It is time for another Wednesday's Online Business Mistake.  I have been so busy this last week that I almost forgot today was Wednesday.  It is a good thing to be busy really, just made the time fly by.  Today I would like to talk about balancing work and family.  This is very important!

Working online or running an online business can occupy a lot of your time.  I know, I used to really bust my bottom end online (still do but not as bad.)  It can take a lot of time away from the family.  This happens to many people, especially in the beginning when they are first starting to work online.

We know that you need to put a lot of time in, I am not going to tell you that you don't.  You just have to make sure to stick to a schedule and add family time to your schedule.  I know if you are new to working online, you are probably thinking there is no way that people would put the computer before family.  It does happen and I have done it, not intentionally tho.  You …