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Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-Customer and Reader Feedback

Happy Wednesday! Hope everybody is having a wonderful week.  I have a simple topic this week for our Wednesday's Online Business Mistake.  I would like to talk about feedback.  Yes this is very important and I know I took feedback the wrong way when I first started.  This can be for business, blogging, working online or just about anybody.

Feedback is when the customer or reader leaves you their opinions.  I get a lot of people leaving me their opinions.  Many people leave nice opinions, some people leave their opinions that do not agree with me, and some people leave nasty opinions.  I used to take the nasty opinions way too harsh.  Learning that you can't always please everybody, but to try to please the majority, will help you succeed with your online business or any business.

When I say nasty opinions, let me be clear, I am not talking about people who do not agree with me.  We all have opinions and it would be boring if we all agreed.  So when I say nasty I mean that they…