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Wednesday's Online Business Mistake - Taking Advice

Happy Wednesday! Time for another Wednesday's Online Business Mistake.  Today I would like to talk about taking advice.  When you work at home, you will see so much information about working at home from so many people.  Yeah I know you have to be careful not to buy every "guru's" book, I don't encourage you to run out and buy everything that will supposedly make you money online.  I also do not think you should run out and buy everything that says it will make your business grow.  So please do not think that is what I am going to tell you here.
Much of the best advice about working at home or running an online business is free, not all but you can get a lot of useful information free.  My mistake here was not listening to some of the bloggers and other people who are really making money working at home.  I mean people who really are and not just saying they are to get a sale or a referral.  
Bloggers like Darren Rowse at know what they are talking…