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Hello and welcome to my blog! I have been online for over 10 years now. During these years I have seen a lot of scams that have taken a lot of money from many people. I started this blog back in 2007 to help prevent people from falling for these scams. A lot of good people lose a lot of money with the promises of instant riches. I want you to know that unless you win the lottery or something similar, there is no such thing as instant riches. You have to work for it but you can find success online when you work to achieve it. It will never be instant so please never believe in such claims.

I share different opportunities and tips. Tho most of what I share is free, it should be assumed that I am an affiliate meaning that I may be compensated in some way. I will only ever share legitmate tips, advertising and companies that I have experience with but please note that I may be compensated if you join with me.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Get Paid Twice a Week Working at Home

I started to be active again on a legitimate work at home site that I first joined in 2010 because you can now get paid twice a week!  It has always paid and was legit, just before you didn't have the opportunity to earn as much as you do now.  When I first joined, the main way you earned was doing paid to click.  PTC or paid to click is a legitimate way to earn working at home, but usually does not pay that great in the beginning so I didn't really talk about this site in the beginning.

The site has since made a lot of improvements and I have to say that it is now a wonderful work at home opportunity.  You join for free and there are 2 membership levels.  You can earn nicely on free or you can upgrade to premium to make even more.  There is always something to do everyday and you can earn without referrals.  Referrals do help increase your earnings, but they are not needed to earn money.  No fee is required to earn and cashout, you just earn more if you do upgrade.  I am currently a free member and have enough in my account to be paid today.  I earned it in the last day, I just started to be active again.

The work at home site I am talking about is called Clixsense.  I am an affiliate and ask that if you join from this post, that you join from the link provided.  It is free to join and being my referral will not decrease your earnings in anyway.  

What is new to Clixsense since I first started there in 2010 that makes me say they are a great work at home site? You can now do surveys, legit surveys that you will get paid for.  They are not $75 surveys, most are between 75 cents-$1.75 but they do pay you through your Clixsense account.  You can also do paid tasks.  Many of these paid tasks are not high paying, but they are also not time consuming.  You can complete them very quickly so they are worth doing.  They also offer a bonus for completing certain daily activities.

They have been offering people a way to work at home since 2007 and have paid millions of dollars over these years to their members.  No you will not make millions here (they paid millions to all their members combined), but you will earn extra money here.

You can request payments on Mondays and Fridays to your Paypal account.  Minimum payout is $8 for free members and $6 for upgraded members.  You can earn this in a day here.  I highly recommend them as a legit work at home site!