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How to Make Money With Clixsense

Clixsense is a website that has been around since 2007 and in the beginning it seemed to be a slow money maker as it was mostly a PTC (paid to click) website.  It has grown over the years and yes you can make more money then pennies here while working at home.  Earlier on the ads were the only way to make money and you had to rely more on referrals to help increase your revenue, tho it was and still is a great place to advertise your website or work at home opportunity.

Now Clixsense is no longer just PTC and it has offered many other ways to earn money online and you can earn (easily) enough to cashout each week.  You can earn more then that, but you can easily earn the amount to cashout.  I mentioned in an earlier post about how they now have surveys and tasks to complete to get earn money at home.

There are a couple options for making money at home here, but I will share with you how I do it.  I do not do a lot of the tasks, tho I will soon as they have weekly contests for the peo…