Thursday, November 9, 2017

Amazing Team Building Contest

I will be sending out a team mail later today as well, but there will be another exciting contest this month.  It will be similar to last month's contest where you will be rewarded for logging in and working toward building your business and team.  Your success is always very important to me and I will help you every way I can.  It does take work, but it is worth it when you stick to it and build over time.

The contest will be simple again and the prizes will be amazing to help you build your business.  They will include personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs) and Tcredits to spend on auctions, games or other cool things at TripleClicks

More details will be emailed out in the team email.  This is going to be an exciting contest!

Not on the team yet? You can join us here: SFI.  I am always here for my team whether it be on chat or email, I will be there to help you.  Note that if you are already an affiliate at SFI, you will  not be able to join my team as you will have another sponsor.  But if you are not an affiliate, joining through this link will put you on my team.

The fine print:

This is a work at home opportunity to build your own success as a marketer.  It is dependent on many factors and is not an hourly paycheck.  The rewards are great, but you will have to work for it.  By joining through the link, you will be an affiliate on my team and I will earn a certain percentage of what you earn and your activities but this will not affect your earnings in any way.  I am opted in to what is called OptiBuild which means that 50% of my new affiliates go to other members of my team.  Do not be concerned if your sponsor is somebody else on the team.  You still may contact me and I am still in your upline.  I do this so my team can build their own teams as well so it is a win win for everybody.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Wanted: People Looking to Succeed

I have now been an affiliate here since January and I absolutely love it here! They have been online since 1998 and the founder has been online even longer, so they are a company to work with and not a get rich quick scheme.  I am looking for people who want to succeed.  I am a believer in teams.  If we build teams then nobody gets left behind to fend for themselves.  We all build success together.  If you join with me on my team, I will help you to succeed.  It will take work and time, there is no quick riches, but I will help you if you are willing to put the time in.

The Internet is a big place and it can be a great place to build your business.  But it can also be a bit scary or overwhelming when you are left to do it on your own.  SFI has provided us with training and tools that we need to succeed.  They really want to see their affiliates succeed.  And I do too, I only succeed if my team does.

To join with me and get my support start here: SFI

I will receive notification of you joining with me and will send out your welcome email.  You are always welcome to email me with any questions you have along your way to the top.

Wishing you the best of success!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Having Fun While Earning Money Online

Last week I had posted about SFI.  It is a wonderful opportunity to build a second income (and eventually a full time income.)  Since joining, I have won several prizes and have also advanced to Bronze Team Leader over the week time frame.  Yes I worked to get here, but they do make it easier when you apply the effort to succeed.

There are different ways to earn money here at SFI.  It is a very supportive site to be a part of.  There is an active community where you can post things in the forum and people will answer you.  Of course if you join with me, I will be here to help you as well with a simple email or chat through SFI chat.

It's really amazing what they do to help everybody succeed.  Seriously, they have a lot of tools you will need to succeed.  And if you have money to invest because you are not good at recruiting, they have advertising co ops as well.  I have thought about setting up a couple with my team, tho I have not yet.  I am working on setting up a great team with the desire to earn money from their business.

We have a company that allows you to sign up for free with no obligation to purchase anything (purchasing helps you advance faster but not at all required.)  There is free training and always sponsor support.  What more can you ask for in a business that is 19 years old and still going strong. right?

But there is more.  I have fun playing games too.  I have won at the TripleClicks version of black jack called ZackJack.  I also won free credits for bidding at the online auction site they have while playing Card King.  They understand that if the affiliates are not successful, they will not be successful.  And they have been offering many tools and support to help us succeed, which is how they have been successful for 19 years.

So far this company is a big winner here with me!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Earn a Second Income Working at Home

For years I have been testing various work at home companies and for a while I was dormant on my blog because I always have to make sure it is a legitimate way to earn money.  For a while I hadn't seen any that was really worth mentioning, but now I would like to talk about a company that has been around for 19 years.

SFI is a company that I started to really work with this month and I have seen so many positive things.  I was seeing a lot of good things about SFI and I decided to jump on board and try it out.  I am very excited about them as a company.  They make it easy to succeed really! You do have to work, but they provide a lot of valuable resources to help us succeed.

I am looking for people who would like to join my team.  Are you motivated and looking to succeed? Let's do this together! You do have to put work in, this is not a sit and do nothing kind of income.  The work is not complicated and you can have fun with it - even play games and compete in contests.  Tho there will be some work involved too, not just games.  

It is free to sign up and there is no obligation to spend money in order to earn.  It is not a get rich quick kind of thing either.  If you are interested in joining my team and ready to commit to putting work in to earn online, please join me here - SFI.  We can work together as a team and by joining through my affiliate link, I would be your sponsor so I will be able to help you.   I look forward to being able to working together!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Earning With Neobux

Neobux is a company who has been since 2008.  They are one that I am not so sure I understand the full potential of tho.  Some members are earning a lot and I mean thousands a month - if my memory is correct it was around $2500 a month.  BUT I have not learned that secret yet.  They are a wonderful site to advertise on tho, if you are looking to get your work at home opportunity out there in front of many people.

You can join Neobux completely free and you can earn money completely free.  I will tell you tho that it will take some time if you are not going to invest your own money.  They are a paid to click site.  You click on sites and view the advertisements and make a small amount for each ad you view.  I did that for a few years, just playing around with the site because I don't usually like to spend money on sites like these (was always unsure.)  But it took maybe 5 minutes out of my day at the time.

I did decide to upgrade to golden last year and you do get more ads as golden and your earning potential increases.  I need to work on getting direct referrals that are willing to put 5-10 minutes worth of their time (or more if they are really up for giving the site their all) so I am not constantly renting referrals.  That's right, I have not directly referred one person to Neobux, mainly because I was testing waters and trying to get the hang of it before jumping into direct referring - I like to test things first.  

With Neobux you don't have to be a great sponsor.  You can rent referrals.  That is what I have been doing.  The problem I have found tho is that rented referrals decide not to continue clicking ads each day and I have to learn the balance of recycling and extending to maximize my profits here.

Tho I haven't cracked the code to making thousands a month there (and to make that much, you do have to invest tho you can earn and invest earnings as you go so not to pay out of pocket), they have paid me.  So are they a legitimate site? Yes, they are a legitimate site and you do have the potential to earn a nice amount of money there over time if you learn and put in the time and effort.  

I would definitely recommend them and here is the link if you would like to join with me as your sponsor Neobux.  I am hoping to be able to figure out a plan to making more money here, they have a lot of potential and have been up and paying for now going on 9 years.  If I do figure out a plan for making more there, I will definitely pass information on to my referrals! 

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