Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sorry About the Adhitz Warning

I am working on trying to solve this issue with this Adhitz warning popping up.  I had an account with them a long time ago and I decided to remove their ads from my blog a while back.  Now it is telling us to remove it, but it is already removed.

I contacted them and awaiting a response to see why it is happening and waiting for them to fix this.  My account was inactive for quite some time so I can't even login to deal with it.  I recommend you do not deal with Adhitz on your site.  I googled to see how to deal with this and well others have had the same issue.

I assure you tho that if it was suspended, it was due to inactivity and my removal from the blog.  I am unable to find any of their code in my html so please I recommend not using them at all.  I am not at all amused with them at this moment.

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