Thursday, March 15, 2018

Can I Become Successful Online Too?

Running a business isn't as easy as it sounds, but it is worth it overall.  You may see others talking about how successful they are with their online business and how "quickly" they got there and wonder if you can become successful online too.  Quickly is in quotes because it is something that people use to get your attention and try to get you to act now.  Run away from those scams.  If somebody is putting a time limit on signing up and a limited number of positions, it is likely a scam.  With that being said, anybody can be successful with the work that is needed to get there.  And yes you can succeed online with the right steps, company and mentality.  

Here is what these gurus don't want you to know:

Truth is that they really didn't get to be successful quickly like they want you to think - and many times they really didn't get true success once people found out their scam was just that, a scam.  Often times they are just trying to get you to buy their program to make them richer.  Many times I have seen these work at home "gurus" come and go.  There are very few of these get rich quick guys that last even a year.  But the fancy houses in their ads are nice, right? Don't buy into it.  It is a bunch of crap and you will waste your money.

The right company to work with:

What you need for success is the right company to work with (yes work with not for, you are starting a business not an hourly job.)  A company that has been around for years and still here.  Not some "guru" that is flashing "his/her house" (not usually their house.)  That is why in all my years of working online my first choice for building a business is SFI, they have been online helping people for 20 years now.  If you join by clicking the link you will be an affiliate on my team.  That is a good thing because I can help you, but just wanted to let you know that I am affiliated with them.

The "gurus" don't want you to know about companies like SFI because they can't get you to buy their expensive product hoping you won't ask for a refund.  Of course there are other legitimate companies out there, but in my experience of working at home I have found them to be the most solid company to work with.  The work at home gurus don't want you to know about them  - they are a legitimate company who offers training and support for anybody willing to put time and work into their business.  You can succeed without ever making a financial investment in SFI, tho an investment helps you get there faster.  In all reality if these "get rich quick working at home" guys were to actually start working with companies like SFI, they would have true success.  But it takes the right mentality to work at home and actually make real money, that is why they do not do it.  They want instant riches at the sake of fooling you out of money (and they go broke when people demand refunds.)  They don't have the mentality to succeed.

The right steps:

The right steps depend on your situation and how you are able to move forward.  The first step of course would be joining with a successful company who has been in business for years.  Then you will want to set your goals (very important!) If you chose to work with me at SFI, the next step would be to learn all you can about the company and how you can earn.  I am always here for my team and there is a lot of training available for us as well.

There are several steps that you would want to take, you are building a business not buying a get rich scam.  It does take time and effort! But steps depend on your ability (do you know about Internet Marketing or do you have to learn it, do you know people who want to work with you or do you have to find them yet, etc.)  It is absolutely possible tho!

The right mentality:

You need to be ready to help others succeed.  Like with me, I tend to do contests and reward my team members with personally sponsored affiliates.  I want others to succeed and I am willing to help them to get there.  You can want to succeed, you can want what money can buy and dream the dreams but true success in online work is when you help others to succeed.  And then success will follow.  When your team succeeds, you succeed.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Setting Your Goals for Success

Everybody should have goals, whether it be for business, life or even better for both.  Goals are something that one wants to achieve in life.  Yes you can get through life without setting goals, but setting goals make it easier to succeed and attain what we really want in life. 

Why are goals so important you ask? They help us to realize what we want in life so we can take the steps to achieve them.  They give us a purpose and a sense of direction.  They also give you an idea of what you need to do to move forward.

Setting goals takes some thinking but is not really hard.  You want to think of what you really want your end result to be.  This could be business or personal.  Some people want to hike the Appalachian Trail from beginning to end.  That takes time (a few months) and some planning.  There would be planning involved there.  You would be on a trail for months but cannot bring a lot of food at once.  Yeah you can wing it for part of it, but it would take planning too.

Now not everybody wants to hike the trail, many people want to succeed in life and business tho.  First you need to define what success is to you.  We all have different ideas on this.  For me it is building a successful business and to help others do the same with me.

After you define what success is to you, you will have your main goal.  Do not expect it to happen overnight, but with hard work you can do it.  Break it up into smaller goals with steps to achieve each goal.  Then you work your way up to your main goal.  Setting your goals is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.  Start planning for your success now!

Can I Become Successful Online Too?

Running a business isn't as easy as it sounds, but it is worth it overall.  You may see others talking about how successful they are wit...