About Dawn

I forgot to mention I am a NJ Devils fan :)
I am a work at home Mom of 2 beautiful girls.  They are the reason for my dedication in pursuing my work at home ventures.  I first started out online in the end of 2004 but things did not start well in the beginning.  Trying many different catchy programs with no guidance from anybody.  You know the catchy programs (there are many more of them today then in 2004)- "get rich quick,"  "wake up to money in your account tomorrow," and "lazy way to earn money online."  There are many more but these are just some examples of the ones I learned to stay away from.

So it was a rough start in the beginning, I tried various things and wasted my money.  I also had no help from any sponsors so I really had no direction! I actually quit in the beginning for a couple of months.  I was devastated, exhausted and a little depressed about what all had happened to me online.  During that period I felt as though I was the only one not succeeding.

I became pregnant with my youngest daughter in 2005.  It was then that I decided to give it a try again.  I told myself I didn't want to leave the home to work while both of my kids were growing up.  I then became determined.  It took me a lot of learning (believe me it is hard when you have no direction!) I tried a few companies along the way, really started to despise MLM and I stuck to other places to earn money.  I started to earn money, I couldn't believe it! It was not enough to support my family on tho.  I started Dawn's Work at Home Blog to help people avoid scams.  Opportunities posted here have been tested by me.

I enjoy sharing tips and also answering my readers' emails.  I remember what it was like in the beginning, it was frustrating and confusing!

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