Earnings Disclaimer

I have been working online doing various things since 2005, tho I first started trying in 2004 with no success.  When I post about a work at home job or opportunity on my blog, it has been tested by me (except on the "work at home jobs" page which is advertisers and employee seekers.)  I cannot guarantee that I will stay with every job I test as I am a busy lady and don't always have time to stay with every opportunity or job, but please note that it has been tested by me and was a paying site at the time of my posting.  Always do your own research as the sites may have changed since. 

If I leave a site for some reason other then lack of time (I don't like their policies or something), I will post my reasons fomr leaving so you will all have the information to make your own decision.  There have only been a couple times that I posted about an opportunity that I did not personally try, and it was clearly stated in the post that I had not tried it but heard about it. 

I cannot guarantee how much money you will earn from any site here, it is work dependent and there are too many factors behind it so everybody may have different results.  Please note that there are no guarantees and that I am only sharing information based on my experience and not typical results from any site.

I wish you the best of success and any questions please feel free to ask!

As a note: I no longer promote Wela and Club Asteria, there were many reasons behind this and if you feel comfortable with them after researching, that is up to you but I do not promote them anymore.

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